Our Bed Head Units are designed primarily keeping in mind patient comfort, end usage and key client needs. All our units are modular and can be built to a wide range of requirements. Bespoke designs and superior quality, our Bed Head Units guarantee seamless access to medical gases and all other necessary functions without compromising on aesthetics.

Customised according to client needs

Available in a huge variety of dimensions, colours and designs, our units are deigned to meet any type of specifications and requirements. Literally - your wish is our command!

Modular design which is easy to install

We focus towards making such products where the installation process is extremely simplified and takes less time to complete. The Bed Head Units are pre-piped for medical gases with BS EN 13348 kite marked copper pipes and pre-wired for electrical systems

Easy to maintain

The systems are aesthetically designed comprising of durable surface which easy to clean and maintain.

Integrated lighting systems

Lighting makes or break the look and feel of any room. Our designs can include a wide permutations and combinations of integrated lighting systems(reading, room lighting etc.) depending to end application and usage to create the right aura.

Wide variety of applications

The Bed Head Units are suitable for installation in all areas of the hospital and in all parts of the world which meet various international standards and specifications.

Secure and seamless operations

Providing secure operations has always been our top priority. We make sure that in all our products protection is provided on external power circuit with circuit breakers or fuses dimensioned according to the power indicated on the label.

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