Medical Gas Pipeline System

From plant to patient!

MDD Engineering MGPS products are designed to provide a safe and effective method of delivering medical gases. Patient safety being our paramount focus, all our products are designed keeping in mind various International recommendations and standards.

With zero compromise on continuity and quality, our products provide modern design with a huge scope of customizations according to end application and usage.

All our products are manufactured in compliance to HTM 02-01 and NFPA standards.

Modular Design

Customized to client needs

Tested and Verified

Complies to International Standards

Our Products Range

Medical Air Plant

  • Compressors (Reciprocating, Screw, Scroll)
  • Receiver Vessel
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • 3 / 4 stage Filtration System
  • Presure Reducing Station

Vacuunm Plant

  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Receiver Vessel
  • Bacteria Trap Filters


  • Header Rack
  • Gas Specific Tail Pipes
  • Automatic / Semi automatic Control Panel
  • Emergency Regulators

Source Equipments

Our source equipment is manufactured to maintain continuous flow of gases at specified design flow with zero compromise on quality of gas. With the support of competent engineers and technical experts, we undertake design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of medical gas systems and gas plants pertaining to any hospital size

Air Plants

MDD Engineering air plants comply with HTM02-01 or EN ISO 7396-1 standards, thus becoming and integral part of the patient life support system of any hospital.

Key Features:
  • • 0 compromise on air quality
  • • High compressor efficiency
  • • Reduced energy consumption
  • • Optimised pressure control
  • • Reduced levels of noise
  • • Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

The MDD Engineering medical air plant comprises of the following:
1. Two or more identical air compressors (make - AtlasCopco)
2. Compressed air receiver vessel(s)
3. Air filtration / dryer assembly . Inclusions - Line pressure regulators, duplex, twin absorber towers, fully regenerative activated alumina desiccant.

The Air plant comes a complete automatic control system along with facility to manually over ride the system as well. This feature greatly minimises energy consumption and compressor wear.
Available capacity of air plant 200 lit/min – 5000 lit/min
Available standards EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01

Vacuum Plants

MDD Engineering Vacuum plants come in two distinct variations. Medical vacuum systems complying with HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 are provided with min. two standby pumps. Medical Vacuum systems complying with HTM 2022 are provided with min. one standby pump.
Key Features
• 0 compromise on air quality
• High pump efficiency
• Reduced energy consumption
• Optimised pressure control
• Reduced levels of noise
• Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

Available capacity of vacuum plant 25 m3/h – 760 m3/h
Available capacity of AGSS plant 8 m3/h – 295 m3/h
Available standards EN ISO 7396-1 or HTM 02-01


Gas Manifold Control System
MDD Engineering offers Semi auto-change control panels. The units are designed to supply medical gases (oxygen-nitrous oxide-air-nitrogen-carbon dioxide) to any type of medical gas network, where continuity of supply is essential and the pipeline is supplied from manifold high pressure gas cylinders.

All our panels are thoroughly tested and comply to all current safety regulations and laws guaranteeing safe operations.
Product Specifications
1. All VIE control panel are supplied in duplex configuration, with one ‘Duty’ and one ‘Standby’ regulator set.
2. Manifold have brass non-return valves for individual cylinders.
3. It also comprises of high pressure copper annealed tail pipes (medical grade BS EN 13348 kite marked) one end having brass adaptor suitable for cylinders.
Parameters Description
Capacity 75 – 180m3/h
Outlet pressure 8 or 4bar
Operation Pneumatic / Electrical / Manual
Manifolds – Cylinder ramps 2 – 6 positions
Cylinder holders 1 – 5 positions
High pressure tubes they connect manifold to manifold or manifold to central unit
Pigtails They connect cylinders to manifolds ( available connections: NF, BS, CGA, DIN, UNI)
Material used
Working pressure 140 kg/cm2