Creativity and Transformation thrive in situations of uncertainty. The Coronavirus Pandemic has pushed us to understand the complex range of viruses existing amongst us. With no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, we adopted newer strategies to combat infectious diseases. The unexpected outcomes during the crisis have created a wave for Innovative Solutions enabling communities to develop human-centric approaches.

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Company Information

Specialists in Critical Care Medical Infrastructure Solutions, MDD Engineering manufactures healthcare devices that comply with various international standards worldwide. With more than 500 successful projects worldwide, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare products under one roof such as Modular Healthcare Infrastructural Solutions (O.T.; I.C.U.), Ultra Clean Ventilation Systems, Medical Gas Pipeline Solutions and Patient Care Systems.
We also provide technical support such as design recommendations, installation training, validation & verification services, thus making project execution quicker, easier and cost-effective.
After completing more than 500 projects at various locations India including the prestigious 7 A.I.I.M.S. project, MDD Engineering has forayed into the international market and is already working on healthcare projects in Sudan (Africa), Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

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