Medical Gas Pipeline Solutions


Medical Gas Pipeline Solutions

From plant to patient!

MDD Engineering MGPS products are designed to provide a safe and effective method of delivering medical gases. Patient safety being our paramount focus, all our products are designed keeping in mind various International recommendations and standards.

With zero compromises on continuity and quality, our products provide a modern design with a huge scope of customisations according to end application and usage.

All our products are manufactured in compliance with HTM 02-01 and NFPA standards.


Medical Air Plant

Medical Vacuum Plant

Gas Manifold System

Pipeline Distribution System

Valve Box (AVSU)

Medical Gas Alarms

Copper Pipes & Fittings

Medical Supply Units

Bed Head Panels

Head Wall Systems

Ceiling Suspended Unit

Suction-Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Flow Meter

Vacuum Regulator

Theatre Suction Units